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JOVS Venus pro IPL Hair Removal Device with 6 Filters

JOVS Venus pro IPL Hair Removal Device with 6 Filters

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JOVS is an innovative global personal care brand that was developed with the purpose of offering domestic and personal smart beauty devices to beauty lovers of all ages worldwide.

We are passionate about instilling confidence in people by providing them with the smooth skin of their dreams. Diversified backgrounds and cultures have contributed to the unique solutions that perfectly cater to our consumers' every need.

JOVS' research and development team consists of highly- skilled and committed researchers, engineers and technicians who are dedicated to ensuring that its devices are always leading by manufacturing the highest quality, most sophisticated personal care devices on the market.



Choose the energy level fit you most. Designed 6 Modes to satisfy different body parts, each mode equipped with a unique filter to fit the wavelength specially needed.


Lightweight and easy to hold for maximum comfort. The rotating head and 0.6 flash burst allows you to remove body hair in 10 minutes or less.


JOVS Venus H-pro features a built-in semiconductor refrigeration system that covers a 12.49 sq. area for an icy-cool, painless hair removal experience.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments use bright flashes to heat up and kill the follicle. Over time, it will stop growing hair.

Clinically tested and dermatologically accredited as skin safe

Combines high-level functionality with stunning aesthetic design


With the Venus pro, you'll need less touch ups after your first 8 week course. Use 3-4 times a week in the first month, then 2-3 times a week in the next month, then once every 2-4 weeks after that.


1 x JOVS IPL Handset

1 x JOVS IPL Charging Cord

1 x JOVS IPL Instruction Manual

1 x JOVS Package Box

6 x JOVS Optical Filters

  • THE SAFEST IPL TECHNOLOGY: Certified for safe use, our hair removal device uses advanced IPL technology, an extremely popular and extensively studied option for safe and effective long-term hair removal.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE HAIR REMOVAL: 6 precise light waves modes provide customized solutions according to different parts of the body and structure of hair; with 3 optical filters, pulsed light penetrates deeply into each hair root, ensuring longer-lasting hair removal.
  • PAINLESS AND PROTECT SKIN: Control your comfort with 6 intensity levels and a built-in icy cool system to neutralize the burning sensation of the skin and experience a much gentler treatment.
  • UNIQUE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our hair removal machine features a sleek matte finish for a better touch, a 330° rotating head to fit any body curves, and the mini LCD-touch screen, super easy to use.
  • YOUR MONEY SAVER: No hair removal appointment needed. No replacements or refills needed. You can enjoy 100-day free trial from day on to experience the joys of no-brainer hair removal.
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